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Yana Trevail

Yana Trevail (b. 1958)Yana Trevail  is a painter, printmaker and performer preoccupied with the interconnectedness of all things and, through the exploration of internal and external topographical themes, developing idiosyncratic expressions of energy.

She has had a number of solo exhibitions and has had her work selected for numerous exhibitions including the BP Portrait Awards: National Portrait Gallery; The Hunting Art Prizes: Royal College of Art and the Royal Soc. of Portrait Painters. Her work is in many private collections in the UK and internationally.

In 1975 she met and sat for the painter Robert Lenkiewicz with whom she studied. She was his studio assistant from 1997 until his death in 2002.

“my paintings are derived from a physical engagement with the landscape and of the haunting, silent presences of abandoned places and archaeological sites. Certain shapes, colours and forms found in these locations remind me of the interconnectedness of all things in space and time: that we are made of the same material that constitutes rock, the dust of nebulae and stars.”