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Original print making is beloved by most artists I have ever known. NOT to be confused with a reproduction, an original print is an original art-work, made by the artist, but with something between the artist’s hand and the finished piece. That something is usually a “plate” of some kind, whether a piece of copper, zinc, or even sometimes, cardboard. The plate is either inscribed into or built up. Rolling ink over the plate results in the chosen colour going into the grooves, or staying on the raised surface. The plate is cleaned of superfluous ink and then pressed, in a heavy press, leaving an IMPRESSION (print) on the paper. This can be hand coloured or finished as desired. The plate can be used until it’s worn out, and each time a print is made, it’s unique.

An ENGRAVING is an original print and Bea Forshall creates the most marvellous ones.

Here she is at her massive press!

Bea’s engravings are all of endangered species, and a percentage of her sales income supports frontline conservation projects.

Check her out on our website: