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FANCY A GREAT BIG PAINTING TO BRIGHTEN UP YOUR HOME? This homage to Mary Quant amd the sixties could be just the thing! This ( QUANT ) and BOW are both at a special price of £1500, each  reduced from £1750, as a treat for Valentine’s Day. 103 cm SQ and looking fabulous.

 Don’t forget!  using Ownart can be VERY HANDY!! I like to think of this as budgeting for my passion.  The scheme is simple, and it means you can take your art work home right now, and pay over the next ten months’ INTEREST FREE. The gallery and artist are paid straight away, and the first payment from your account would normally be the month after your purchase.

 Many of our clients use this scheme as a painless way to build their collection, and every ten/twelve months they can add to it. The loan can be for any amount from £100 – £2500  So for an artwork costing £500 you’d pay £50  a month. Not bad huh??

Ownart is subsidised by the ARTS COUNCIL GREAT BRITAIN and our clients love it!

 QUANT by Jane Clatworthy

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