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Rosie Sanders

Rosie is known for pushing the boundaries of botanical painting. Her close-up paintings with their bold, saturated colours have a charisma not generally associated with watercolour. They have a delicious sensuality. Similarly, her original monotypes bring a freshness to their subject matter, being executed in a dynamic fashion, and always with sensitivity to the beauty and ephemeral quality of plants and flowers. Recent work includes stunning charcoal drawings

The monotype is different from any other fine art print in as much as the work is “painted” in reverse, on to a support ( in this case a Perspex sheet) and a single or unique impression made, which cannot be reproduced. The uniqueness makes the monotype as sought after and as valuable as a painting or drawing.

Rosie Sanders has shown in London with Jonathan Cooper for many years, although she is based in Devon SW UK.

She has been awarded five gold medals by the Royal Horticultural Society, and won the Royal Academy miniature award. She is a member of The Devon Guild of Craftsmen as an original printmaker, and shows her watercolours at Chelsea Flower Show. Her work is in the collection of Dr Shirley Sherwood, and a dramatic painting of Arisaemas was prominently displayed in the Shirley Sherwood Gallery of Botanical Art at Kew Gardens. She has also published several books – most importantly The Apple Book – still the most trusted and sought after book for apple identification in the UK.