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Kate Trafeli

Kate Trafeli is an American – British artist currently based in North London after living and working in Italy for ten years where her work was widely exhibited and much applauded. She participated in numerous group and solo exhibitions. A background in English Literature as well as Painting brings a fascinating dimension to her work, which combines the academic with creative joy and saturated colour. We will be welcoming Kate with a solo exhibition next month.

Trafeli received her arts degree (BA) in Washington State (US) in painting and English Literature. Classic and modernist fiction, colour field theory and synesthesia inform her work. Kate explores internal landscapes, memory, the flux and change of both the human experience and the natural world across various traditional 2D and 3D media. Kate exhibits her work in the United Kingdom, Japan and the United States through selected galleries and at curated shows such as the London Art Fair, AAF and TOAF. She is currently represented in London by After Nyne Contemporary and Kobe Biome (in Japan) and also works with independent curators on special projects.