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It might seem a shame to look at art through the eyes of an interior designer, but I often find that art buyers do just that. Loving a piece of art is one thing, but finding the right place for it can be another! Should you re-vamp your sitting room entirely to show off your painting, or do you plan ahead where it will look best?

 OR, do you look at a wall and think “I would love a painting in that spot” and then start searching? Either way, your approach to art buying might well be affected by your sense of INTERIOR STYLE!

My own approach is BUY A PAINTING IF YOU SEE IT AND LOVE IT. I reckon there is always a place for a great painting. And actually, paintings can look very different in different places. Colour, furniture, views, all have an impact. Best advice is to keep your eyes open, get used to the images you respond well to, and ALWAYS be flexible when you think of where your art purchase could go!  HERE: A Jane Clatworthy painting looking fabulous in a really colourful style context!

Jane Clatworthy painting looking pretty fabulous! What’s on YOUR walls?