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the bowie gallery

Totnes, Devon, UK

Welcome to the Bowie Art Gallery. We’re proud to present stunning work from local artists in and around Devon for you to view, and purchase here in our online shop. Our art and sculpture gallery in the historic and picturesque town of Totnes displays a unique and eclectic array of lifelike and abstract paintings inspired by the local landscape, the artist’s personal experiences, and more. Come and enjoy our brand-new exhibitions that showcase the work of both seasoned and emerging artists, and provide the chance to add to your art collection. Our in-house gallerist services are here to help you find the perfect painting for your home. We’ve worked with modern art collectors across Devon and beyond, to find the pieces that complement their living space, and express who they are.

Art Gallery and Online Shop

All the contemporary art pieces you see in our online gallery and in person at our Totnes premises are available to purchase in their original form. Take your time browsing these beautifully curated collections and find the artwork that has the most meaning to you. The artists and craftspeople we work with create large and small pieces that present nature and abstract concepts in new and striking ways that are open to interpretation. When you purchase a piece of modern art from our online store, you will own an original and completely unique piece that will bring your at-home art gallery to life.

Art Curation & Gallerist Service

The gallerists based at our Devon gallery have extensive experience, knowledge and a trained eye for abstract art, and sculptures, and how they interact with the space around them.

We provide personalised consultations, where we share our knowledge on the best ways to curate your personal art collection. We’ll help you to discover contemporary art pieces to complement your interior colour schemes and style. As experienced gallerists, we offer guidance on the best ways to frame, hang and display each piece of art so that it is displayed to full advantage in your home or commercial space.
Get in touch with our Totnes art gallery today, and we’ll be happy to advice.

Art Exhibitions at Bowie Gallery

All year round, we present new and thought-provoking exhibitions at our art and sculpture gallery from artists such as James Stewart and Kate Trafeli. They include abstract art, still life, landscapes, and fascinating blends of colour and texture.
Find out more about our upcoming exhibitions here in Totnes.

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